Community Showcase

Virtual Field Trips 

Created by Christy James

41 items

Tech for the Littles

59 items

Created by Jennifer Huff

Remote Learning for Librarians

107 items

Created by Deborah Zeman

Science activites for housebound students...

9 items

Created by Chris Swanson

Coronavirus Resources for Schools

Created by Bruce Elis

42 items

Distance Learning Resources for Teachers

21 items

Created by Marshall Beyer

Common "At Home" Solutions

15 items

Created by Scott Titmas

Google classroom tips

67 items

Created by Jennifer Huff

COVID-19 and Distance Learning Updates

Created by Ronald Carroll

49 items

Twitter for teachers

12 items

Created by Kimberley Isham 

Flipgrid Ideas and Resources

58 items

Created by Paul West

School Closure Resources

36 items

Created by Karen Compton 

20 sites for students to use 

Created by Ditch that textbook

20 items

Remote Learning Resources

38 items

Created by Steve Isaacs

Collaborating in the classroom

30 items

Created by Madison Robinson

Microsoft math tools

20 items

Created by Mina Spasic  

Our Global classroom

Created by Michael Harvey

21 items

The best Chrome extensions

36 items

Created by Todd Davis 

Resources for Schools Impacted by ...

49 items

Created by Loreen Sullivan

Remote Learning Resources, ...

51 items

Created by Erin Flanagan 

Remote teaching and learning resources ...

Created by Mike Tholfsen

20 items

YouTube Channels for Educators

42 items

Created by Elizabeth Merritt

March Newsletter

6 items

Created by Erin Flanagan

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources for Schools

17 items

Created by Jennifer Gonzalez

MINDFULNESS for Home Learning...

Created by Erika Sandstorm

41 items

Remote Learning with Merge...

14 items

Created by Merge

eLearning Lesson Plan Template

25 items

Created by Pam Hubler

Interactive Sites for Students!

74 items

Created by Vickel Darby

Visit Remote Learning Guide

Online learning resources for students

Created by Beth Campbell

66 items

Creating Tutorials with Wakelet

26 items

Created by Jenallee

All about #Hyperdocs resources

25 items

Created by Sean Fahey

Distance learning resources!

74 items

Created by Erin Flanagan

2020 Coronavirus Questions & Answers

Created by Robbie Barber

35 items

School Counselor Distance Learning...

37 items

Created by Lina Maria Lopez

Parent Resources for school closures...

21 items

Remote learning Wakelet + MS Teams

16 items

Created by Teijas

Remote learning with Zoom

Created by Stuart Gray

10 items

Getting started with Google for Edu

8 items

Created by Alfonso Mendoza

Remote Learning - Learn FREE IT Tools

47 items

Created by Tanvir Singh

Flipgrid Remote Learning Tutorials

27 items

Created by Tim Galles

Instructional Coaching resources

Created by Jennifer Huff

21 items

Home activities 

17 items

Created by Play therapy base

Apple Tips, Tricks and Tutorials from ADE's

47 items

Created by Traci Piltz

64 items

Using Buncee for #RemoteLearning

7 items

Created by Marie Aturi

How to use Google Hangouts

Created by Roxi Thompson

28 items

Online Museums and Collections

50 items

Created by Donna Farren

Edtech tools for parents

47 items

Created by Jenallee

17 items

COVID-19: Latest updates

162 items

Chrome extensions for teachers

Created by Todd Davis

36 items

Stay Home STEM

31 items

Created by Katie Exum

Podcast PD collection

47 items

Created by Laura Steinbrink

55 items

Twitter in the classroom

10 items

How to Integrate Flipgrid into Wakelet

Created by Joe Merrill

10 items

Microsoft Teams & Class Notebook

13 items

Created by Julie Sanderson

At home with preschoolers

47 items

Created by Meike vanGerwen

13 items

Technology for Inclusive Classrooms

11 items

Created by Carla Bell

Distance Learning Resources for Math

Created by Stella Pollard

11 items

Screencastify for Remote Learning

6 items

Created by Nefertiti Dukes

Art, Culture, Science, Nature and Exercises

47 items

Created by Cheri Mann

21 items

Ambassadors, trainers, and certified educators

29 items

Created by Lieberrian

Amazing Youtube Channels For Education

Created by Nicole Beaton

11 items

Remote screen time

13 items

Created by Candy Tech Ideas

Using Wakelet to Organize Instruction

47 items

Created by Amber Garvey

25 items

Self-Paced Learning

19 items

Created by Roxi Thompson

Nearpod training (resources)

Created by Jamie Lessard


Course on "E-Content Development"

27 items

Created by I2OR India

Resources for Using Google Classroom

47 items

Created by Amber Garvey

36 items

Being a connected educator

15 items

Created by Cathy Hink

Google Tips, Tricks and Updates

Created by Scott St.Denis

21  items

Global collaboration with Microsoft Tools

32  items

Created by Alberto Herraez

Using Wakelet in our School

47 items

Created by Robin Thompson

36 items

Minecraft Course Materials

20 items

Created by Yara Kamar